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New Or Recycled Pallets: What To Order From Pallet Suppliers In Baltimore

A reliance on pallets is a common component at the core of almost every industrial or commercial operation. They are crucial in a company's daily operations, from storage to transportation. Despite their widespread use, no one method for buying or using them works for everyone.

When making what is frequently a significant investment, there are generally a lot of issues that come up depending on your own particular business demands. One of the most often asked issues is whether to purchase from new or recycled pallet suppliers in Baltimore.

While some people might choose that option based only on cost, it's crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option before making your pick.

The explanations are clear. Yet, the distinctions aren't always obvious.

New wood pallets are what they sound like: newly built items created from freshly harvested, processed, treated, sized, and put together lumber. In order to increase the lifespan of recycled pallets, defective boards, and hardware have been replaced with new or used components in better shape. Despite having similar basic functionality, each offers unique benefits and downsides of its own.

Benefits of new wood pallets:

The main benefit of new products is their durability.

A brand-new wood pallet will often be more durable and have a better load tolerance. Knowing that the pallets you're using are entirely made from brand-new, custom-cut hardwood built just for that purpose will provide you further peace of mind, given that a typical 48" x 40" wood pallet can transport up to 4,600 pounds.

Customization is another perk.

When you purchase brand-new pallets, you can choose whatever size or arrangement. Your particular requirements determine the size, which can be crucial for businesses that must convey goods with unusual forms or dimensions.

Cons of new wood pallets:


As would be expected, new pallets are far more expensive than recycled ones. Sometimes by as much as 70% more. That fact alone suffices for some small businesses to eliminate seeing Wood pallet suppliers in Baltimore.

The effect that new wood pallets have on the environment is another negative.

First, they call for the extraction of brand-new wood from mature hardwoods, a resource that isn't nearly as sustainable as quickly-proliferating sources of material like bamboo. Moreover, carbon emissions from the entire process—harvesting, shipping, milling, etc.—can be considerably decreased by using repurposed pallets.

Not surprisingly, the disadvantages of buying brand-new wood pallets are also the benefits of buying recycled ones.

Benefits of using recycled pallets:

The main advantage is that the cost is significantly lower.

It translates to important capital being diverted to other company areas for smaller businesses or those just getting started. Pallets that have been recycled by pallet suppliers in Baltimore are divided into grades, with each grade having a special price. Companies can use diversity to select options that best suit their requirements and financial constraints.

Also, recycled pallets are better for the environment.

Natural resources aren't under as much stress because fresh trees don't need to be taken down. Having a less carbon footprint is advantageous.

Cons of using recycled pallets:

Reduced lifespan.

There is no getting around the reality that a recycled pallet is on its second, or even third, helpful life; this will vary depending on the grade of recycled pallet you select. Recycled pallets may frequently support loads equivalent to their more modern equivalents. Thus this doesn't necessarily mean they are weaker or less stable. However, more use leads to more wear, which increases the possibility of future breakage or splintering and necessitates even more repairs. To decide at whichever stage of the pallet's life they'd instead make the investment, each buyer must measure that issue against the upfront cost savings.


Although cost is always a concern for businesses, they all have different objectives. And the only way you'll be able to choose the style of pallet that's best for you is by carefully considering your personal logistical and financial needs.

We have a vast inventory of new standard pallets and recycled boards to meet your bespoke pallet needs as the leading pallet suppliers in Baltimore.

Get in touch with us right away if you need assistance choosing the ideal pallet for your company.


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