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Mold and Wood Pallets: Avoid Letting Them Obstruct Your Business

Even though things have many benefits, they have some disadvantages. And as pallets are the subject of this discussion, and you are all aware of their use if your company needs a warehouse. Where truckloads of pallets in Baltimore may be found and as we move into a warmer or wetter environment, which is a mold-friendly environment. There is a good possibility you will discover it.

However, the odds are even higher with wooden pallets. In addition to providing a warmer environment, it raises the possibility of discovering mold on your wood pallets throughout the rainier seasons of the year. Mold could harm the items in your pallets and present a health risk.

Fortunately, you can minimize and even stop mold from growing on your wood pallets once you know what to look for.

How Can Pallets Acquire Mold?

Mold is a fungus that can develop on various materials, including wood, paper, food, insulation, and textiles. Mold and mold spores are an inherent part of the environment. Even though there are numerous varieties of the mold with various colorations, they all require moisture to develop. Mold needs oxygen, the correct temperature (usually warm), and a source of food in addition to water (like wood). Mold and mildew cannot grow on wood with a moisture content under 20%.

What Issues Might Lead To?

The good news is that the strength of the wood in the pallets is unaffected by mold. It won't cause any structural damage and merely exists on the surface. The bad news is that merchandise placed on the pallet can become contaminated by mold. In addition, mold has the potential to contaminate an area and endanger people's health.

It may also merely have an unpleasant smell and appearance. The problem of mold on wooden pallets is particularly acute in the food business. To stop this, all you have to do is visit the Pallet Recycling Company in Baltimore.

How to Avoid Mold on Your Pallets:

● The best way to prevent mold in the first place is through good housekeeping. There are several things you can take to prevent decay from growing on a wood pallet.

● It keeps the pallets away from anything that could harbor molds, such as rotting wood or other objects.

● Make sure your pallets are kept in a space with excellent airflow. Unload them as quickly as you can if they are in trailers. To guarantee that the pallets receive uniform airflow, you can even rotate them.

● It is drying out the storage area with a fan to prevent mold growth.

● Also, avoid letting pallets stay in the water or an area that is highly humid for an extended period.


The given information will help you to know things in the best way possible. If you do notice mold developing on your truckload of pallets in Baltimore, then hiring experts from Pallet and Supply Solution will be the best option to go with to get rid of this as soon as possible.


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